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Ling’S Profile Ling spent her youth in her native Taiwan, but she’s been living in Las Vegas for the last several years. As a child she heard a lot about the United States from her parents who frequently traveled abroad. She says she was always fascinated by America, and now that she lives here, she […]


Reena’S Profile Rena loves her homeland of South Korea, but in her years in the U.S. she has come to love America just as much. She loves the freedom to travel, and she takes advantage of that freedom by heading out from her adopted home of Las Vegas for weekends in New York, Chicago and […]


Vanna’S Profile Vanna has never been to her parents birth country of South Korea, but she says she feels as much Korean as she does American. If your date with Vanna includes dinner, she says she’ll point you to the best Korean restaurants in Las Vegas. Korea has a pretty dedicated drinking culture, so it’s […]


Taka’S Profile Taka describes herself as “a girly girl” and she means it. She loves styling her hair in different ways, and does her own nails every day. If you want to win her over, just buy her a purse or a pair of shoes. She was born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents who […]


Song’S Profile Song was born in San Francisco’s Chinatown. So while she’s never been to China, having Chinese parents and growing up fully immersed in Chinese culture means she’s as Asian as you can get. She loves to cook, and claims she can whip up the best Szechuan cuisine you’ve ever tasted. Song loves Las […]


Shima’S Profile Shima was born in the United States, but both her parents are native born South Koreans. So she has a strong cultural background in all things Korean, but she’s definitely an American girl. She’s fully immersed in the technical and social media worlds, but she says that occasionally she just has to unplug […]


Sanako’S Profile Sanako was born in Japan, but has lived more than half of her life in the United States. Her fondest memories of her childhood are fishing with her father in Japan. Arriving in Los Angeles as a child she appreciated living right by the ocean, as it reminded her of her days on […]


Kimi’S Profile Kimi is 22 years old, but she’ll always be a bit of a kid at heart. She loves game playing, and might come across as a bit silly at times, but that’s just because she refuses to take life too seriously. In the bedroom, though, little Kimi is certainly all woman. Kimi has […]


Kana’S Profile Kana really loves going to restaurants and trying exotic foods. As a Chinese-American she knows and loves the food of China, but she’s always ready to try new things. And with Kana, that urge to try new things extends beyond dinner — she’s completely open to the sexual desires of men. She’s never […]


Jade’S Profile Jade is a sexy girl who just loves to have fun and who really knows how to show off her tight little body. She’s a very skilled professional entertainer, and her experience means she knows exactly how to please any man. Many people might think that being an escort doesn’t classify as work, […]

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