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Sanako'S Profile

Sanako was born in Japan, but has lived more than half of her life in the United States. Her fondest memories of her childhood are fishing with her father in Japan. Arriving in Los Angeles as a child she appreciated living right by the ocean, as it reminded her of her days on the water back in Japan. A true water lover, it’s a little ironic that she now lives and works as an escort in the dessert city of Las Vegas! She keeps in shape, and keeps close to the water, by being an avid swimmer.

Sanako has an unusual, and a real turn-on, way of seeming both innocent and sultry at the same time. She loves lingerie and says if she could get away with it, it would be the only thing she ever wore. She’s definitely in to men, but her open, adventurous personality means she’s not at all opposed to hooking up with other hot women now and then.

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