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Top 10 Buffets in Las Vegas

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! First, you have to select which buffet you want to eat at, then you have to decide what you want to eat. We can’t help you out with the latter, but stick with our list of the best Las Vegas buffets and the only decision to be made will be sushi or crab legs. We suggest both.

When you offer a selection that includes Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, salmon, crab claws, shrimp, duck, Kobe beef, venison, buffalo, and last but not least, an exceptional array of desserts, you are bound to be the number 1 buffet in Las Vegas.

This is considered by many as the best in Las Vegas, but we feel it’s just barely behind Bellagio. Either Way this is easily one of the best Las Vegas buffets. Features 16 live cooking stations for everything your taste buds desire.

Featuring one of the largest selections in Las Vegas, Studio B has quickly become the favorite of countless Las Vegas visitors. For a real treat, visit Studio B on the weekends and enjoy an amazing seafood brunch and seafood dinner.

Like any buffet, the buffet at Treasure Island offers a wide variety to choose from including an excellent dessert menu. But it’s the taste that sets this one apart and makes it one of the top 5 Las Vegas Buffets. Believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

The tropical laid back atmosphere sets the tone for this buffet. The staff is extremely friendly and will always make sure you are enjoying yourself. With a menu that is constantly changing, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

The Le Village Buffet is inspired by five provinces of France, and the themes are transferred into the food and architecture making this one of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Known for its excellent brunch, this is not your average Las Vegas buffet.

Spice Market Buffet is an excellent buffet that features a number of tastes from around the world. With a variety as large as this, you are sure to please everyone in your group.

The Village Seafood Buffet offers a wide variety of food other than just seafood. Everything from Mexican, Italian, and Chinese can be found here, but what sets it apart is obviously the seafood. Seafood so good, it has earned the right to be named one of the best Las Vegas buffets.

Carnival World Buffet offers over 300 fresh dishes from around the world and over 70 different desserts from award winning pastry chef, Randy Sebastian.

Cravings offers an extremely unique visual scene and excellent food to go along with it. The buffet includes eleven cooking stations, plus you can enjoy 50% off wine every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Eat at Cravings and you will understand why we consider it one of the best Las Vegas buffets.

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