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The Entertainment Capital.

Ah, Las Vegas. Sin City. The Entertainment Capital. For fun, excitement, thrills and yes, just a little danger, there’s no better city to visit. On the Vegas Strip alone there are over 40 casinos, 60,000 hotel rooms, hundreds of world-class restaurants and an overwhelming number of great bars and clubs. And for men, there are escorts. If you visit this city, and don’t arrange at least one date with a Las Vegas Asian escort, then you’ve really missed out on one of the best features of this amazing city.

  • Our escorts have beauty & sexual charisma.
  • Our escorts listen to feedback without irritated
  • Our escorts shows down at the right time
  • Our escorts are great communicator
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Asian Escort Babes provides men with a wide variety of Asian escorts to choose from. Whether your tastes run to Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese or Korean women, we’ve got you covered. We’re dedicated to matching every man to the girl of his dreams. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a gorgeous, sexy, young, personable woman that meets your needs and fantasies.

Safe & Reliable

All the members of the Asian Escort Babes team have been carefully screened before coming on board.


Polite & Hospitable

You’ll find that all of the escorts are discreet, polite and very hospitable in the Asian Escort Babes team.


Speaks fluent English

Our escorts has enough worldly experience that she can engage in conversations in just about any topic.



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