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Taka'S Profile

Taka describes herself as “a girly girl” and she means it. She loves styling her hair in different ways, and does her own nails every day. If you want to win her over, just buy her a purse or a pair of shoes. She was born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents who instilled in her their pride in their Asian culture — Taka knows all about Japan and speaks fluent Japanese.

While she loves clothes and makeup, Taka has a stunning beauty that is all natural. She might be tiny, but she knows that her sexuality gives her a different kind of power. Wherever she goes, heads turn. There’s probably not a man around who isn’t floored by her looks. She appreciates that attention, and it makes being a Las Vegas Asian escort a natural profession for her. Taka loves the night life offered in Sin City, and is always up for a short or long date in the entertainment capital of the world.