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Song'S Profile

Song was born in San Francisco’s Chinatown. So while she’s never been to China, having Chinese parents and growing up fully immersed in Chinese culture means she’s as Asian as you can get. She loves to cook, and claims she can whip up the best Szechuan cuisine you’ve ever tasted. Song loves Las Vegas because of the abundance of great restaurants and the fact that a person can find a great meal any time of the day or night.

Song says she’s not sure what it is about Asian women that American men love so much, but she says she’s certainly glad that’s the case. She’s always enjoyed showing off her very little, but very sexy, body and likes the attention it brings. She hasn’t let it go to her head though — she’s thankful for the interest her body has brought, and for all the great times and adventures she’s had with the men who appreciate her sexiness.