Dating On A Dime

We know better than anyone that dating an escort isn’t cheap. Hey, you get what you pay for in life! Setting up a date with one of our fabulous, sexy Asian women will give you the time of your life. But unless you’re rich, you can’t do it every day, or every weekend. So there’s that other, more mundane, part of life you need to constantly deal with.

You might not have as wild and crazy of a time dating your local girl, but you are going to have to do it. So, why not make the best of it. Have a good time, and save some money along the way. Save enough money, and we know you’ll be back in Vegas, contacting us to hook you up with one of our fantastic Asian escorts!

Having a fun and romantic date does not have to always have to hurt your wallet! Sometimes the simple things in life are the most memorable and precious. There is nothing wrong with going to a movie, but sometimes it’s good to do something different. So I have compiled some very interesting and unique date ideas that cost little to nothing!

Go to your local farmer’s market

What a great place to check out! You can even buy some food and create your own dinner later that night. Cost – Free admission…just the cost of anything you purchase there.

cook together

Cook together

After your trip to the farmer’s market…enjoy cooking a meal together. Make sure you have wine! Cost – Free except for the cost of groceries and the wine. LOL!


This is one of those little treasures! Many of you may not have heard of geocaching. It is better than going on a hike! Search on the internet for geocaches in your area…you will get coordinates and you will be on a treasure hunt! Maybe you can even find a secluded pathway to have a hot make-out session. Cost – Free as long as you have a GPS.

Go Skating

Not only do you get to have a workout, you will also have a reason to hold each other’s hands…AAAWWWWW!!!! Cost – Free as long as you own skates.

Have a picnic

Yes this is cliché, but it can still be so much fun on a beautiful hot summer day. There are so many local parks and playgrounds one can visit…some even have fire pits. If you’re feeling carefree…you can even play on the swings! Cost – Free

Go on a bike ride together

Just make sure to have many stops along the way and explore the scenery. (Hint: Stop and smell the roses or have a steamy make out session) Cost – Free

Ice cream

Forget about the traditional coffee meeting! Oh there is nothing better than going for an ice cream. Just think of all the sexual suggestions that can be involved with this one! Cost $10-15

This is the Asian preference in me coming out

dim sum asian dinner

Have Dim Sum! This is a great weekend brunch date! You get to try new foods for only $2-4 per plate. Usually 4-5 plates will be plenty for 2 people. Warning: There are some foods that are more “exotic” and is for those with an adventurous palate. Cost $10-20

Check out an arcade, pool hall, bowling

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy playing games. You can always raise the ante…have friendly sexual bets! Cost $10-20

Go to the zoo or museum

You might even learn something from this! Not only that…but maybe you can find some dark corner to steal some kisses. Cost $10-20

Check your city guide

Find out if there are any festivals going on through the city. Many cities have different outdoor festivals and cultural festivities that are usually free to enter. Cost – Free or small entry fee

Go canoeing

You can rent a canoe for a full day or a half day. You’re going to be stuck in the canoe…so make the best out of it! Cost $25-35

Go to a fitness center

Not only do you get a workout, but you get to see each other get hot and sweaty! You might even want to dip into the pool to cool down and then get into the hot tub to get things steamed up again! Cost $20-30

Check out a comedy show

You don’t even need alcohol involved to start losing your inhibitions! Cost $10-40.

Rent a movie

And snuggle up under blankets and pillows. Oh boy…this one can be lots of fun! No need to say more than that! Cost $5-15.

Use your imagination and pretty much anything you can do is fun! The most important part is that you enjoy each other’s company. Let’s admit it…if you don’t like the person you’re spending time with…you’re not going to enjoy anything you do even if you’re dining at a top of the line restaurant.